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Here's What's New!
7/6/2000: Has it really been that long since I documented an update? I am updating the site, but apparently I'm not noting it here. I just updated Q*Bert with some pictures of a CPO install. I also have pictures of Tempest, and those should go online soon.

12/13/1999: Updated Q*Bert information. Includes new pictures and a rare (?) or unique marquee.
11/20/1999: I've finally got the site to a somewhat respectable state. The navigation should be a bit easier. In the next few weeks I hope to have up new pictures for Tempest and Q*Bert.
11/14/1999: I've picked up another new machine: a Tempest mini. I don't have pictures yet, but I will put them up as soon as I get them. I am almost done restoring the Q*Bert, and I'll have some pictures of that soon as well. I'm also looking at a new pinball, so I'm going to add a pinball section. Also, plan for another site re-design. I need to reorganize the pages to make it easier to navigate.
9/15/1999: I recently picked up a new machine! It was quite a deal. Look for a new Q*Bert section soon (in a couple of weeks or so).
9/8/1999: I've added some scans of my DL2 main motherboard. Look under the Dragon's Lair II Project link.
8/28/1999: I've begun creating detailed measurements of my DL2 cabinet. Even the fairly recent Dragon's Lair II is becoming hard to find. I know there is an interest in building DL2 cabinets in order to re-create as much of the arcade experience as possible. These measurements should help those people get started. Look at DL2 Dimensions under the Dragon's Lair II Project heading.
8/24/1999: Added more detailed DL2 pictures. I'm working on providing detailed cabinet dimensions.


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