Melville and the Pacific

Third International Melville Conference

Committee members

If you have any questions about the conference, please contact the co-chairs directly through this website.

Conference Co-chairs
Carolyn Karcher (English, Temple University)
Charlene Avallone
Conference Committee
Dennis Berthold (English, Texas A & M University)
Alex  Calder (English, University of Auckland)
Juana Djelal (Classics and Letters,  Penn  State University)
Mary K. Bercaw Edwards (The Maritime Studies Program of Williams  College and Mystic Seaport)
Beth Schultz (English, University of Kansas)
Melville Society Executive Committee Liaison
Christopher Sten (English, George Washington University)
University of Hawai'i Liaisons
Paul Lyons (English)
Joseph Stanton (American Studies and Art)